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It all started out back in 1980 when the founder of VEMA GmbH (the former name of RUCO GmbH) Rudolf-Conrad Veith commenced production of plastic articles and their production tools.

Rudolf Veith was full of ideas for household products and, even back then, he was very strongly focussed on product development. In the mid-1980s, for example, a special clothes hanger with impressive space-saving properties was developed. This trouser hanger helped RUCO Vertriebs- und Handelsgesellschaft m.b.H, a subsidiary of VEMA, to considerably advance its market position. TV marketing in the USA generated a high volume of sales of this clothes hanger, which is still in the product range today. In the years that followed, numerous household products that proved to be excellent problem solvers were developed.

In 1994, the engineer Thomas Veith joined the company as the second generation of management. The sales organisation was restructured, which helped the company to gain numerous new customers - many of them mail order companies. RUCO products were completely innovative, which made them ideal for catalogue sales. At the end of the 1990s, RUCO’s products were exhibited at trade fairs such as Tendence in Frankfurt for the first time and the customer base expanded rapidly to include new customers in Europe and overseas. It was around this time that RUCO accessed another marketing channel, generating additional sales via stationary retail outlets.

Expansion continued in 2003 and a new logistics centre in Velbert opened. In 2004, VEMA GmbH was taken over by RUCO Vertriebsgesellschaft m.b.H. and the name was changed to RUCO GmbH. Despite tough competition from the Far East, the ‘Made in Germany‘ hallmark proved to be a positive attribute and RUCO’s customers have always appreciated its products for their high quality of fabrication. Famous corporations such as Tchibo, Metro, EDEKA and Rewe, plus all leading German and European mail order companies have been loyal customers of RUCO for many years now. In April 2010, the family-owned company celebrated its 30th anniversary. It still remains committed to the development of new and innovative household products.

The House of RUCO delivers quality you can depend on.

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